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Promajna, in the south of Croatia


Promajna, small place on Makarska riviera

between Makarska (6 km) and BaŠka Voda (2 km)

Promajna, small place on Makarska rivijera, situated between Makarska (6 km) and Baška Voda (2 km).

Holiday offered in Promajna is unique, it is a place where mountain Biokovo touches the Adriatic sea.

It is ideal for vacation for people with lung respiratory problems.

Besides private accommodation, Promajna offers 5 restaurants, 3 beach bars, 2 stores, local grocery store, postal office and ATM.

Pleasant accomodation on famous Makarska Riviera is guaranteed.

Promajna has 465 inhabitants which are proud on their award for best arranged touristic place in Croatia in 2005.

We hope you will visit Promajna soon, your perfect place to be.


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